Swift 3 Learn To Code With Apples New Language

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Learn to Program Swift 3 with Xcode Playgrounds. Be a part of the world's fastest growing programming language! iOS 10

Last updated 2022-01-10 | 4.1

- Confident write Swift code
- Learn the basics of object oriented programming
- Convert Swift 2 code to Swift 3

What you'll learn

Confident write Swift code
Learn the basics of object oriented programming
Convert Swift 2 code to Swift 3

* Requirements

* You will need a computer running either Mac OS
* Windows or Linux


Have you ever wanted to try out programming? Have you tried to learn Swift, only to get fed up with incomplete YouTube tutorials and poorly written tutorials? Looking to move your code from Swift 2 to 3?


In my Swift 3 course, I will walk you through all the essential information you need to write swift code. I'm a self taught programmer so I know what it feels like to start from scratch. I care about your learning.

I believe we learn best by doing. So, in this course, every lecture is followed up by an exercise for you to test yourself. This format will allow you to actually learn Swift and not just follow along like a robot ;)

Swift was open sourced in December of 2015 so you can now take this course even if you are on a Linux or Windows computer!

A Modern Language Evolved from Objective C

Swift is a multi-paradigm programming language developed by Apple for use with iOS and OS X. Designed to replace Objective C, work began on Swift in 2010 and the first mobile app was debuted in June 2014 at the Worldwide Developers Conference. Despite its goal of replacing Objective C, Swift is capable of working alongside the more dated Objective C language while using the Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks.

Swift is built with the LLVM compiler included in Xcode 6 beta, and uses the Objective-C runtime, allowing Objective-C, Objective-C++ and Swift code to run within a single program. During it’s debut, Swift was described as “Objective C without the C” by Apple’s VP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi.

Contents and Overview

In this course, you will be lead through setting up Swift locally, the basics of the language, how it compares to other common languages (including Objective C), and how to get started on new projects.

The course is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to Swift, so that you can begin experimenting right away. Upon completion, you will understand the foundations of Swift code and will be able to develop custom applications. You will also get experience working with Xcode's new .playground file. 

Course material is regularly refreshed to include all of the newest updates and information, and since you’re granted lifetime access upon registering, you can rely on this course to keep your Swift skills on the cutting edge.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is great for students who are completely new to programming. I'll walk you step by step with what you need to know
  • This course will be a great fit for people who have Swift 2 experience and want to know what's new in Swift 3

Course content

12 sections • 107 lectures

Welcome and Xcode Preview 02:59

My Story Preview 06:29

Getting the Most out of This Course Preview 05:46

Your First Line of Swift Code Preview 03:21

Intro Preview 00:45

Playgrounds Preview 03:30

Variables Preview 03:09

Variables Exercise Preview 00:03

Variables Can Change Preview 03:46

Variables Can Change Exercise Preview 00:06

Constants Preview 03:37

Constants Exercise Preview 00:03

Outro Preview 00:38

Swift Cheat Sheet Preview 00:03

Intro Preview 00:48

Basic Math Preview 04:31

Basic Math Exercise Preview 00:01

Floats and Doubles Preview 05:22

Floats and Doubles Exercise Preview 00:03

Mixing Floats, Doubles, and Ints Preview 06:13

Mixing Floats, Doubles, and Ints Exercise Preview 00:04

Advanced Math Preview 08:11

Advanced Math Exercise Preview 00:05

Outro Preview 00:18

Intro Preview 00:26

Booleans Preview 03:51

Booleans Exercise Preview 00:02

If Statements Preview 05:01

If Statements Exercise Preview 00:03

Equal, Greater, and Less Preview 08:22

Equal, Greater, and Less Exercise Preview 00:02

Else Preview 03:12

Else Exercise Preview 00:02

AND and OR Preview 08:34

AND and OR Exercise Preview 00:02

Outro Preview 00:38

Intro Preview 00:18

Switches Preview 08:05

Switches Exercise Preview 00:06

Default Preview 04:33

Default Exercise Preview 00:05

Multiple Matching Preview 03:49

Multiple Matching Exercise Preview 00:06

Interval Matching Preview 03:07

Interval Matching Exercise Preview 00:07

Outro Preview 00:43

Intro Preview 00:29

Arrays Preview 05:29

Arrays Exercise Preview 00:09

Append and Count Preview 06:09

Append and Count Exercise Preview 00:05

Getting a Specific Item and Updating Preview 07:10

Getting a Specific Item and Updating Exercise Preview 00:04

Insert and Remove Preview 04:57

Insert and Remove Exercise Preview 00:06

Contains and IndexOf Preview 02:25

Contains and IndexOf Exercise Preview 00:05

Outro Preview 00:44

Intro Preview 00:39

For Loops Preview 03:51

For Loop Exercise

Counting Preview 02:28

Counting Exercise

Arrays and For Loops Preview 08:31

Arrays and For Loops Exercise

Outro Preview 00:33

Intro Preview 01:04

ABI Stabilization Preview 02:26

++ Death Preview 01:44

C Style For Loops Death Preview 01:12

Parameters Preview 01:39

Enums Preview 01:41

Short Names and Color Literals Preview 02:33

Xcode Conversion Tool Preview 03:56

Outro Preview 01:28

Intro Preview 00:38

Functions Preview 03:50

Functions Exercise

Parameters Preview 06:12

Parameters Exercise

Parameter Names Preview 04:39

Parameter Names Exercise

Return Preview 08:52

Return Exercise

Outro Preview 00:44