2d Games With Spritekit

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SpriteKit: Learn to Build 2D Games by Creating a Real World Arcade Game from the iOS App Store.

Last updated 2022-01-10 | 4.6

- Build 2D Games with SpriteKit
- SpriteKit Fundamentals
- Create and Work with Game Scenes

What you'll learn

Build 2D Games with SpriteKit
SpriteKit Fundamentals
Create and Work with Game Scenes
Create Cool Animations
Deal with Collisions and Physics

* Requirements

* You should know the basics of Swift 3 or 4
* You should know the basics of Xcode
* Mac with Xcode 8 or later


Five of the top ten highest grossing apps on the iOS App Store are games. If you ever had an idea for an amazing game but didn’t know how to create it, then this course is for you. Apple provides great game frameworks for every developer. One of these frameworks for 2D games is SpriteKit.

This course is going to take you through the process of creating a 2D arcade game step-by-step. Not only will you have finished a complete game project after taking this course, you will also get profound theoretical knowledge about the SpriteKit Framework and many of its important classes.

I am Brian Advent and I am running one of the largest youtube channels on iOS development. I am also organising the annual Swift Tutorial Conference and with my 17 years of development experience I am offering you a course with a great combination of theory and practice. 

A Real World Project

This course is centred around a real world arcade game called Color Trek. You can download it on the App Store for free and you will create this game from start to finish in this course. In that process you will put all the theory that you are going to learn into practice right away.

How and what you are going to learn

SpriteKit is a huge framework, which is why you are going to start your journey with an overview about the most important classes that you are going to encounter. 

You will then create your first game world and your first animations to familiarise yourself with the tools provided by Apple. 

After these first steps you are going to start creating a real game from start to finish, starting with the project setup, the integration of game assets and the creation of the main game scene. 

Among other things you are then going to learn both theory and practice about:

  • touch gesture detection
  • object movement and animation
  • how to create animations and how to use particle emitters for animations
  • game physics and collisions
  • how to use the power of random 

If you have never created a game before, then you will also enjoy my detailed explanations on collision detection, which is one of the most important aspects of 2D game development.

I designed this Swift course to be easily understandable for any iOS Developer who has a beginner or intermediate knowledge about the Swift programming language and the Xcode IDE.

This course comes with extensive exercise files (code files and assets) for every video, with a begin and end state of all projects. You'll be able to work alongside the instructor and will receive a verifiable certificate of completion upon finishing the course.

Who this course is for:

  • iOS Developers who want to learn how to create 2D Games with SpriteKit

Course content

10 sections • 41 lectures

A SpriteKit Overview Preview 02:37

Important SpriteKit Classes Preview 08:38

Create a SpriteKit Game Project Preview 08:38

Create Your First Scene Preview 07:17

Your First Animation Preview 03:38

Game Design and Mechanics Preview 04:11

Prepare Graphic and Sound Assets Preview 01:22

Setup the Game Project Preview 02:31

Create the Main Game Scene Preview 06:34

From Scene Editor to Code Preview 04:47

Add the Player Preview 03:42

Detect Touches Preview 03:27

Add Touch Based Verticle Game Control Preview 03:29

Animations & the Rendering Loop Preview 04:22

Animate the Player Horizontally Preview 06:00

What can Particle Emitters do? Preview 02:38

How to Create Particle Emitters Preview 02:17

A Pulsing Player Preview 05:51

Add the Pulse Animation to the Player Preview 02:35

SKShapeNodes as Enemies Preview 09:11

Random Enemy Parameters Preview 09:24

Move and Remove Enemies Preview 08:26

The SKPhysicsBody Class Preview 08:30

Bitmasks and Collisions Preview 09:55

Sample App: Bitmasks and Collisions Preview 11:00

Add Categories and Collision Settings Preview 06:54

Take Action based on Collisions Preview 06:56

Velocity for the Player Preview 06:34

Define What Happens After Collisions Preview 06:53

Add Sound Effects Preview 03:47

Add a HUD: Game Timer and Score Preview 09:54

Create Power Ups Preview 06:35

Make Power Ups Collectable Preview 06:54

Add Start and Game Over Scenes Preview 07:08

An Infinite Moving Background Preview 12:30

Game Over Preview 05:39

Handle Game Data with Singleton Preview 09:20

Finishing Touches Preview 05:30