Complete Python Raspberry Pi And Iot Bootcamp

Learn Python 3 Basics, Advanced Python, Scientific Python, Raspberry Pi, Hardware, and IoT projects in a single course

Last updated 2022-01-10 | 3.6

- Python 3 Basics
- Python 3 Advanced Concepts
- Setting Up and using Raspberry Pi

What you'll learn

Python 3 Basics
Python 3 Advanced Concepts
Setting Up and using Raspberry Pi
Scientific Python Ecosystem
Basics of NumPy and Matplotlib
Image Processing
Work with MySQL
Work with MySQL
Simple LED project with Raspberry Pi GPIO
IoT with Raspberry Pi
Interfacing Hardware and Electronics with Raspberry Pi

* Requirements

* A Windows PC and a Raspberry Pi with Internet Connection
* Zeal and enthusiasm to learn new things
* a burning desire to take your career to the next level
* Prior Programming
* electronics
* and Maths experience will be very helpful although it is not mandatory


  • Python 3 Basics
  • Python 3 Advanced Concepts
  • Setting Up and using Raspberry Pi
  • Scientific Python Ecosystem
  • Basics of NumPy and Matplotlib
  • Image Processing
  • Work with MySQL
  • Work with MySQL
  • Simple LED project with Raspberry Pi GPIO
  • IoT with Raspberry Pi
  • Interfacing Hardware and Electronics with Raspberry Pi

Course content

48 sections • 221 lectures

Course Objectives, Audience, and Prerequisites Preview 05:16

Contents and Topics Overview Preview 04:51

What is Raspberry Pi Preview 08:39

Unboxing Preview 03:36

URLs used in this section Preview 00:02

Raspbian Setup Part 1 Preview 16:49

Raspbian Setup Part 2 Preview 16:30

Remote Desktop Connection from Windows to Pi with VNC Preview 12:30

Linux commands used in this section Preview 00:03

Install IDLE3 on Raspbian Preview 02:50

Python 3 on Raspberry Pi Preview 07:01

Models of Raspberry Pi Preview 03:55

'Hello World!' on Raspberry Pi Preview 05:07

Interpreter vs Script Mode Preview 09:06

IDLE3 Preview 12:27

Comparison of Raspberry Pi with PC and Mac Preview 05:51

Basic Data Types Preview 15:36

Assignment Operator Preview 03:11

print() function Preview 09:36

Comments Preview 06:06

input() function Preview 04:01

Code blocks and Indentation Preview 09:22

Reserved words in Python 3.7 Preview 00:02

Assignment Operator and Expressions Preview 03:40

Arithmetic Operations Preview 05:21

Associativity and Precedence Preview 10:51

Membership Operator Preview 03:59

Logical Operators Preview 05:25

Bitwise Operators Preview 03:12

While Preview 06:16

While Break Preview 03:54

While Continue Preview 05:36

For List Preview 03:45

For Range Preview 05:29

for-continue-break Preview 03:20

Prime numbers Preview 05:23

Factorial Computation Preview 05:04

Fibonacci Series Preview 06:03

Simple Functions Preview 07:19

Functions with Arguments Preview 12:49

Function with Return Values Preview 07:33

Functions with Arbitrary number of arguments Preview 03:03

Simple Recursion Preview 06:14

Factorial Computation Preview 03:20

Fibonacci Series Preview 03:06

Mutual Recursion Preview 05:42

Everything is Object in Python! Preview 02:56

Classes and Objects Preview 09:25

Simple Inheritance Preview 07:52

Exception Basics Preview 06:37

Handle Multiple Exceptions Preview 03:14

Else and Finally blocks Preview 05:28

Custom Exception Class with Multilevel Inheritance Preview 07:12

Python Package Index and pip Preview 05:28

pip3 on Raspberry Pi Preview 08:36

Install MariaDB on Raspberry Pi Preview 15:31

Install pymysql on Raspberry Pi Preview 01:45

Connect to MariaDB with Python 3 Preview 06:12

CREATE TABLE - DDL Preview 06:23

INSERT Preview 03:08

SELECT Preview 06:31

UPDATE Preview 04:56

DELETE Preview 02:52

DROP Preview 04:28

Arduino vs RPi Preview 02:21

Breadboard and Power Supply Preview 07:24

Jumper Wires Preview 03:05

LEDs and Resistors Preview 07:52

RAB Holders Preview 02:52

Fritzing Preview 10:23

LED Blink Preview 08:02

SOS Preview 04:32

Alternate Blinking LEDs Preview 04:22

Alternate Blinking LEDs - Another method Preview 04:09

Chaser Preview 10:05

Digital Humidity and Temperature Sensor Preview 05:12

RPi and DHT Sensor Preview 12:51

Thingspeak Preview 05:11

Internet of Things with DHT22, Raspberry Pi, and Thingspeak Preview 09:35

Scientific Python Preview 06:16

URLs of Project in Scientific Python Preview 00:01

IPython and Jupyter Preview 12:48

Jupyter Installation on Raspberry Pi Preview 06:36

PuTTY installation on Windows Preview 04:01

Remotely connect to a Jupyter Notebook Preview 07:59

A brief tour of Jupyter Notebook Preview 22:02

Jupyter Installation on Raspberry Pi - Notes Preview 00:01

Introduction to NumPy Preview 04:53

Ndarrays Indexing and Slicing Preview 20:55

Ndarray Properties Preview 06:59

NumPy Constants Preview 02:51

NumPy Datatype Preview 00:02

Ones and Zeroes Preview 08:23

Matrices Preview 04:59

What is Matplotlib? Preview 03:53

Numerical Ranges and Visualizations Preview 15:54

Single Line Plots Preview 08:52

Multiple Line Plots Preview 06:32

Grid, Axes, and Labels Preview 16:24

Color Line Markers Preview 07:27

What is Digital Image Processing? Preview 07:20

Image Datasets Preview 04:50

Install pillow library on Raspberry Pi Preview 02:23

Read, Display, and save images Preview 10:07

NumPy for images Preview 17:20

Image Statistics Preview 03:14

Image Masks Preview 07:38

Image Channels Preview 13:04

Arithmetic Operations Preview 08:07

Logical Operations Preview 07:31

Histograms with NumPy and Matplotlib Preview 15:24

Python 2 to 3 Transition Preview 07:12

2 to 3 RPi Preview 07:21

Unit testing fundamentals Preview 04:46

Unit testing frameworks Preview 05:14

Unittest Preview 11:52

Verbosity Control Preview 07:08

Multiple Test Classes Preview 05:30

Test Fixtures - Theory Preview 05:42

Test Fixtures in unittest Preview 15:51

unittest.main() Preview 03:37

Control Granularity Preview 03:03

Command Line Options Preview 06:20

Assertions Preview 04:27

Test Package Preview 06:10

Organize your test code - Part 1 Preview 06:55

Organize your test code - Part 2 Preview 17:49

Test Discovery Preview 03:23

Useful Methods Preview 04:15

Failing Tests Preview 02:19

Skipping Tests Preview 03:45

Exceptions Preview 02:20

AssertRaises() Preview 10:11

Install pytest on Raspberry Pi Preview 03:38

Simple Test Preview 04:34

Run with Pytest Preview 01:32

Test Class Preview 10:02

xUnit Style fixtures Preview 11:58

pytest fixtures Preview 11:19

More stuff related to fixtures Preview 05:30

pytest.raises() Preview 03:15

Command Line Options Preview 04:34

Test Driven Development Basics Preview 02:11

Test Driven Development with Python 3 and Pytest Preview 14:28

Logging Basics Preview 03:59

Logging in Python 3 Preview 08:12

More logging Preview 09:31

Exception Logging Preview 04:06

Introduction and Installation Preview 04:04

Read, Save, and Display Images Preview 09:09

Shapes.. Shapes... Preview 12:15

Trackbar Preview 09:04

Events and Drawing using events Preview 09:30

Display images with Matplotlib and Color Conversion Preview 10:27

Capture a still with Webcam Preview 05:50

Live Webcam Preview 10:56

Compute the FPS of Webcam Preview 08:01

Record a video with Webcam Preview 07:47

Python 3 and OpenCV Video Player Preview 07:10

Track an object by color Preview 08:51

Getting Started Preview 05:13

Attaching Camera Module to Raspberry Pi Board Preview 01:44

Get started with Pi Camera Module with command prompt Preview 09:43

Capture simple images Preview 05:07

Capture simple images in PIL image Preview 04:12

Capture resized image Preview 03:29

Continuous capture for stitching timelapse Preview 04:33

Record Video Preview 03:08

Record Videos in parts Preview 07:02

Text annotations Preview 02:41

Capture in NumPy and OpenCV Objects Preview 07:21