Mindfulness Life Coach Certification

Mindfulness: Complete Life Coaching Blueprint with 50+ Mindfulness Exercise & 21 Day Mindfulness & Meditation Challenge

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- Use 50+ proven
- step-by-step mindfulness techniques & meditation exercises for helping their life coaching clients develop a mindfulness and meditation routine
- How to implement the done-for-you 21 Day Mindfulness and Meditation Challenge with your clients
- Help your life coaching clients develop a mindfulness and meditation routine and formal practice.

What you'll learn

Use 50+ proven
step-by-step mindfulness techniques & meditation exercises for helping their life coaching clients develop a mindfulness and meditation routine
How to implement the done-for-you 21 Day Mindfulness and Meditation Challenge with your clients
Help your life coaching clients develop a mindfulness and meditation routine and formal practice.
How to customize your mindfulness life coaching program to meet the needs of individual clients and get them results
Help your life coaching clients master their monkey mind and manage negative emotions.
Help your life coaching clients take back control and master their destiny.
Help your life coaching clients develop focused attention and live in the present moment.
Help your life coaching clients find peace of mind and stop negative self talk.
Understand the psychology of mindfulness
thoughts and emotions and the science behind why meditation is so beneficial

* Requirements

* Ability to print workbook material


Students who complete this Mindfulness Certification will receive an official life coach CERTIFICATION from Transformation Academy. This course is also accredited by internationally recognized Continuing Professional Development Standards Agency (Provider No: 50134), and 15 CPD or CEU credits are available upon request. Details for how to request the official certification and optional 15 CPD/CEU credits will be provided at the end of the course.


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If you are a current or aspiring life coach and you want to help your clients develop more peace of mind, mindfulness, manage their thoughts and emotions, and lead happier, healthier, more awakened lives, than this Mindfulness Certification is for you!

Studies have shown that people spend almost 50% of their daily life on autopilot, meaning that your clients are probably missing out on their life because they’re lost in thought, worry, or stress.

But the good news is that YOU can offer them one simple thing that will not only help extend their life but will help them actually experience more OF their life...

The solution is MINDFULNESS!

Mindfulness has helped transform our lives and the lives of our clients. Regardless of the niche of coaching that you focus on, mindfulness is an essential skill to add to your practice.

You see, about 50% of our daily habits are unconscious repetitive actions... Let's face it, it is hard to create change in our client when they are stuck on autopilot, living in the past or sabotaging themselves with negative self-talk and overwhelming thoughts and emotions.

In order for ANY client to effectively create lasting change and happiness, they need to learn how to take back control of their mind, emotions and decisions through mindfulness.

And, the ONLY time they can do this is when they are aware in the present moment and able to clearly observe their thoughts and emotions.

***There is a reason almost all extremely successful people and professional athletes use mindfulness and meditation techniques!***

Mindfulness and meditation are the key that unlocks self-awareness, focus, concentration, emotional self-control, clarity of thought, and the ability to make transformational change. No one can be effective if they're trapped in their monkey mind, which is constantly distracting them from their dreams and causing stress and anxiety.

The greatest gift you can give your clients is the gift of being more aware, awake, and alive in their daily life!

Not only does helping your clients develop mindfulness (including meditation) transform their lives, it's also a great tool to use as a coach, such as bring both you and your clients' full awareness into the present moment at the start of your coaching session.



<<<A Personal Note from Joeel>>>

We are passionate about teaching people to develop self-awareness and mindfulness because our ability to remain centered and focused is what has allowed us to thrive through even the most challenging parts of life. In fact, when I was sick and bed ridden for a year I used many of these mindfulness techniques to not only help my find peace but also find joy in the darkest places. In my many emergency room visits,  the doctors wondered why I would be laughing and joking around with Natalie while my body was basically shutting down. The reason was that mindfulness helped me detach from the chaos and see the light at the end of tunnel, regardless of how dim it was because we were able to focus in the moment rather than being lost in worrying thoughts. Therefore, we know the power of mindfulness and this is why we are so excited to share these tools with you!


In this course we’re giving you all the mindfulness tools and strategies we use so your can get your clients these same results.

This course is a complete life coach training program that gives you a blueprint for helping your clients develop mindfulness and meditation practices in everyday life.

It includes a 21 Day Mindfulness Challenge that contains over 50 mindfulness exercises and meditations.


As a Certified Mindfulness Life Coach you’ll be able to help your clients:

·        Master their monkey mind

·        Reduce stress and burnout

·        Manage negative emotions

·        Enjoy their life more

Your clients will learn how to:

·        Be the observer of their thoughts and emotions

·        Stop getting caught up in a runaway mind

·        Stop being overwhelmed by their emotions

·        Develop self-compassion and take back control of what and who they allow to influence them, as well as practice being more present with others.

Plus, they’ll experience all of the benefits of mindfulness. Nearly all people who are extremely successful, as well as most professional athletes, use mindfulness because study after study have shown that mindfulness increases mental clarity, reduces stress, and has powerful health benefits, including improving sleep, increased energy, and an improved immune system!

As a life coach or an aspiring life coach this course will provide:

· A proven life coaching blueprint to help your life coaching clients develop Mindfulness tools.

· A life coaching program that you can implement as a stand alone niche life coaching service or life coaching tools and skills that you can add and incorporate to any life coaching niche.

· Transformational research based mindfulness  techniques that can be used in your life coaching practice

· Essential psychological and emotional life coaching tools that will better help your personal and professional life.

· Access to a private life coaching network community with over 7,000 active life coaches from all over the world. This group is made up of life coaches that have either completed or are completing one of our life coach certification programs. This support group of life coaches is invaluable as you have a range of life coaches with past experience that share their experience and provide feedback and insights.

· Made for you handouts, exercises, and activities that you can give to your life coaching clients.

· Access to our Transformation Life Coaching Magazine

· Free listing in Transformation Life Coaching Directory

· Official Life Coaching Certification from Transformation Academy

So, who are we?

We are Joeel & Natalie Rivera, serial entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, and educators. We have over a decade of experience in the field of psychology and life coaching. All of our programs are designed based on our experience in coaching, social services, psychology, and education, as well my Masters’ in Counseling and research on happiness for my dissertation for a PhD in psychology. At the time of this recording, we have over 300,000+ students from 195 countries.


**If you are interested in mindfulness, meditation, and taking the 21 Day Mindfulness Challenge but you are NOT a life coach, look for the simplified version of this course. Note: This course contains the SAME core content as the Challenge course, so you do not need to enroll in both.


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Who this course is for:

  • You are (or want to be) a Certified LIFE COACH
  • You want to be a Certified Mindfulness Life Coach!
  • You are in a field where you need to earn CPD or CEU continuing professional development / education credits.
  • You are a counselor, life coach, speaker, teacher or other professional helps people transform their lives
  • Your life coaching clients want to learn beginner meditation practices or establish a meditation routine
  • Your life coaching clients want more peace, happiness and confidence
  • Your life coaching clients want increased focus, concentration and to be more mindful and fully alive in everyday life

Course content

8 sections • 81 lectures

Why Be a Mindfulness Life Coach? Preview 04:34

Find out more about the course and why to become a Certified Mindfulness Life Coach.

FULL WORKBOOK (ADA Accessible) Preview 00:03

All Course Documents in One Handy Place Preview 00:08

Cultivating Mindfulness and Self-Awareness Preview 07:35

For most people, the chaos and noise happening around them and within their own minds feels like all there is. They live in a constant state of reactivity, being pushed and pulled by the thoughts and emotions they experience. They’re controlled by a voice in their head that worries about everything that can go wrong, criticizes them for everything they do wrong, and feels guilty or angry about everything that went wrong. THIS COURSE will help you take back control of that voice through mindfulness and present moment awareness!

Jump Right In! The 2-Minute Bell Exercise Preview 03:26

Let’s jump right in with our first mindfulness exercise! In this exercise, you will use the sound of a repeating bell to anchor your attention in the present moment.     

Use Mindfulness to Change Emotions in 90 Seconds Preview 02:54

According to neuropsychologist  90 seconds s the amount of time that we will hold an emotion if we don’t feed it. In this lecture and in this course we will give you the tools that you need to be able to  have the power to not feed an undesired emotion and give it momentum.     

Mindfulness and Meditation (and 7 Common Myths) Preview 07:14

Learn the difference between mindfulness and meditation, as well as the 7 common myths about meditation (in case you have any resistance to meditation).

How to Take This Course and Use the Challenge with Clients Preview 06:42

Important instructions for completing this course, what to expect, and how to use what you learn as a mindfulness life coach.

Taking the 21 Day Mindfulness and Meditation Challenge Preview 04:53

In this lecture we will go over the three types of meditation practices and how and when you can use them in your life and which one will benefit you the most long term.

3 Types of Meditation - Formal, Informal and Retreat Preview 00:02


Repository of editable versions of all coaching documents.


REQUIRED: Agreement, Disclaimer and Code of Ethics Preview 00:04

Important information about life coaching.

Questions, Resources and Meet the Instructors Preview 00:51

The 3 Core Skills of Mindfulness Preview 05:07

In order to live your life mindfully and develop self-awareness, there are three core skills that you need to develop: Focused attention or concentration, Open monitoring or present moment awareness, and Acceptance or non-judgment. In this lecture we will take a look at what each of these means.

COACH: Focused Attention (Concentration) Preview 02:58

Help your clients develop the first skill of mindfulness, which is focused attention or concentration.

COACH: Open Monitoring (Present Moment Awareness) Preview 04:23

Help your clients develop the second skill of mindfulness, which is open monitoring or present moment awareness.

COACH: Acceptance (Non-Judgment) Preview 06:21

Help your clients develop the third skill of mindfulness, which is acceptance or non-judgment.

COACH: Tailoring Mindfulness Coaching to Individual Clients Preview 04:06

Every client has different needs, so this section will go over 6 key factors to consider about your client in order to identify the best mindfulness and meditation processes for them.

COACH: Establishing Formal and/or Informal Practices Preview 04:05

Does your client want more mindfulness in every day life or to develop a formal meditation routine, or both?

COACH: Deciding of the Best Object of Attention for Your Client’s Needs Preview 02:59

Another aspect that a coach must consider is which object should be used for attention. This is important because each client will have diverse needs and will have to explore which one fits those needs.   In this lecture we will go over what that means and what that will look like in the coaching process.

COACH: Understanding Your Client’s Religious or Secular Beliefs Preview 04:51

Another aspect to consider with your client is whether to have a religious, spiritual, or secular mindfulness practice.  This depends on your practice and the clients needs.    In this lecture we will go over what that means and what that will look like in the coaching process.

COACH: Understanding Narrative and Experiencing Modes Preview 12:25

Another aspect to consider as coach when working with clients is whether to approach the experience form a narrative or experiential perspective.  In this lecture we will go over what that means and what that will look like in the coaching process.

COACH: Relative vs Absolute Truth (and When to Focus on Each) Preview 07:33

Another aspect to consider when working with clients is if you want to focus on relative or absolute truths. In this lecture we will go over what that means and what that will look like in the coaching process.

COACH: Establishing Safety vs Reintegrating Difficult Situations Preview 10:21

One of the most important aspects that we can do as a coach is learning when to help our clients retrieve to safety or move to reintegrating some of the challenges this is also called moving to the sharp point.  In this lecture we will go over how to help you client decide when they are ready to move to  Reintegrating Difficult Situations  or to move back to safety.

DAY 1: Present Moment Awareness Preview 10:02

The present moment holds the key that unlocks your freedom from suffering.

You can only feel free, peaceful, content, safe, or happy NOW. This Now moment is, in fact, all that exists. The things we dream of and the ones we fear are nothing but a figment of the imagination. There is no “future” within which we will experience them. When we do experience the dream or the situation we fear, it will not be in the future, it will be NOW. Thinking of the future can have positive or negative consequences. Dreaming of a future experience of joy can make us feel better now, however worrying about anticipated pain or fear in the future makes us experience that suffering now. 

Therefore, in this video we will go over how to experience present moment awareness so that you can live in the reality that you actually have which is the NOW.

The Mini-Mindfulness Exercise Preview 01:52

This is a great activity to become more mindful when you are short in time is the mindfulness exercise. This activity has three simple steps that you can do anywhere.

3 Minute Breathing Space Preview 02:03

There are times that you just need a quick way to get re-centered or you just want t a mindful practice that you can practice quickly. Therefore, unlike other mindful practices this one can be done easily and quickly especially for those people that have a busy life and an active mind.     

2 Minute Bell Exercise (BELL ONLY) Preview 02:32

In this exercise, you will use the sound of a repeating bell to anchor your attention in the present moment.     

Simple Mindfulness Meditation Preview 02:18

In this exercise, you will learn a simple mindfulness meditation that you can use at anytime.

Square Breathing Preview 01:35

As you discovered in the mindfulness meditation video, paying attention to your breathing can help increase focus and decrease stress. This square breathing technique is another method to focus the mind, this time using controlled, deliberate breathing. In this lecture we will show you how to do square breathing.

DAY 2: Shifting from the Thinking Mind to the Sensing Mind Preview 05:16

One of the key aspect of being mindful is being able to step away from the thinking mind and embracing the sensing mind. Many times people get caught up in thoughts and feelings which may create stress, anxiety, depression, or distraction. Many times we think that if we take action or consume our self with thinking about something that in some magic way things will be fixed. However, sometimes there is nothing that we can do about it and spending time obsessing over those things can be counter productive and cause unnecessary stress.     

Therefore, that is why this lecture is essential as we will go over how to shift from the thinking mind to the sensing mind.

The 5 Senses Mindfulness Exercise Preview 03:19

The next mindfulness exercise is called 5 senses and it is another simple exercise that you can do at any time to expand your mindfulness habits. You can do it in a couple of minutes or take longer depending how much time you have. In this lecture we will go over how to use your five senses to bring you to the hear and now of your present moment.     

Mindful Seeing Exercise Preview 02:29

Mindful seen is a simple yet powerful activity especially for those that feel that they want the visual stimulus. Keep in mind that for some using their imagination may not come naturally when meditating. Therefore, this is a great activity for those that identify with that. This activity is one that be done in a few minutes. Also, the best part of the exercise is that it can be done anywhere that you have view.

MEDITATION: Candle Meditation Preview 13:00

Using a candle’s flame as a visual object of your attention for meditation is a practice that has been used throughout human history. In this lecture we will go over how to use this mediation and also provide an actual candle meditation you can follow along.

DAY 3: Body Awareness Preview 04:24

Our bodies are amazing machines that are alive and in constant motion. At any moment, even when we are still, there are sensations that can be felt within the body that are a great focus for mindfulness. In this exercise we will start by bringing our awareness to our bodies as a way of becoming mindful.

MEDITATION: Progressive Relaxation Preview 15:02

In this lecture you will find a progressive relaxation meditation that will walk you through relaxing your body from head to toe.

DAY 4: Mindful Eating Preview 03:11

Most of the time when we are eating we are only partially aware of it. Sometimes we are rushing or distracted and don’t even notice we are eating until we see that our plates are empty. This can be because we are talking, thinking, looking on our phones, or any number of reasons. In short, we are not mindful of what we are doing. And this is unfortunate because eating is a highly engaging, enjoyable experience but also it can impact digestion!

In this lecture we will go over and provide an activity so that you can incorporate mindful eating in your life.

Mindful Curiosity (While Eating) Preview 02:47

In the following activity, you’re going to use all of your senses in order to explore your curiosity about an item. This is a powerful tool to  be able to  truly use concentrated focus and be able to  truly experience your reality.

DAY 5: Mindful Listening Preview 03:19

There is noise going on all around us all of the time.

Sometimes the sounds can be pleasurable or soothing and other times it can be distracting or unpleasant. In the lecture we will go over how to use theses noises to get you back into the present moment.

MEDITATION: Music Meditation Preview 03:57

You’ve already experienced the meditative effect of music any time you’ve gotten lost in a song.

This happens because music helps stimulate reward pathways in the brain that are linked to positive emotions. You can use the music to boost your mood among many other things. In this lecture we will go over how to use music meditations and what type of music has been found to have the largest impact in creating mindfulness.

DAY 6: Mindfulness Walking Preview 03:32

Walking has been shown to be one of the most important thing we can do for our health, so establishing a routine of taking walks is a great idea. With the current trend of people using Fitbits or phone apps to count their steps, many people are already trying to get 10,000 steps a day. You might even be one of them! But this lecture isn’t about the physical benefits of walking, it’s about the opportunity that walking offers for practicing mindfulness. Therefore, in this lecture we will go over how to incorporate mindfulness into your walking as a formal or informal meditation.

DAY 7: Mindfulness Driving Preview 04:02

Reality is that many of us spend a lot of time driving. Sometimes we even get to our destinations and do not even realize that we where driving because we where experience a mindless moment. However, our driving time can be a great opportunity to develop mindfulness skills. In this lecture we will go over how to incorporate mindfulness driving in your life.

DAY 8: The Psychology of the Monkey Mind Preview 06:09

Discover why our thinking tends to be negative and how our brains work (and how knowing this can help us master your monkey mind and manage negative emotions).

Mindfulness of Thoughts (and How They Create Emotions) Preview 09:16

Becoming aware of your thoughts it the entryway to being able to manage them!

Observing Your Train of Thought Preview 07:19

Sometimes your thoughts are directly related to what is currently happening, whether it be the task you’re working on at your job, the turn you’re making in the car, or the food you’re cooking in the kitchen. But, most of the time your mind is thinking about something ELSE. It’s re-hashing the argument you had yesterday, remembering that time in college you embarrassed yourself, judging the neighbor for their ridiculous holiday decorations, or worrying about your upcoming interview.

In this lecture we will go over how to be able to observe it and release it without getting attached to it.

DAY 9: Sifting Thoughts into Boxes Exercise Preview 02:23

A great activity in creating awareness and differentiating between thoughts, emotions, and sensation is the “sorting into boxes” activity.  In this lecture we will go over how to utilize this powerful activity in your life.

Urge Management (Urge Surfing) Activity Preview 04:44

This mindfulness technique was originally created by professor Alan Marlatt for addiction treatment. The idea is that urges come and go much like waves. When we feel an urge, whether it’s to eat a food that is not on our diet, yell at someone who has upset us, or take an action we know will have an undesirable outcome, we have two choices: give into the urge or resist it. But, the problem with this is that just like a wave, it is there whether we like it or not. So, when we resist it—when we struggle we sink. We are taken over by the wave. This is why stopping a habit is so challenging. We don’t realize that resisting it is not any better than giving into the urge. In many cases, resisting the urge makes it WORSE.

In this lecture we will show you how to stay calm and ride the wave.

DAY 10: Awareness of Self-Talk, Part 1 Preview 04:44

There are two layers of thoughts—the ones we can hear or experience as the voice in our head, that makes commentary about ourselves and everything around us, and the deeper level beliefs that determine our opinions, perspectives, and judgments.  In this lecture we will go over them and how to become aware of them.

Awareness of Self-Talk, Part 2 Preview 09:09

In the last lecture you named your inner critic. (We like to call ours Bob.) There are 4 common and easy-to-spot ways that your inner critic shines it’s light of negativity on your world. We will go over how to spot these 4 things and how to stop them in this lecture.

DAY 11: Developing Emotional Awareness Preview 02:48

Sometimes people have a difficult time identifying their emotions and it’s usually because of one of the following reasons:

·       We were made to think our feelings don’t matter

·       We were made to fear expressing our emotions

·       We were made to feel guilty if our emotions (or desires) were an inconvenience on others

·       We were discouraged from feeling or expressing specific emotions

In this lecture we will help you overcome some of the things and give you the tools to become emotionally aware.

RAIN Technique for Accepting Emotions Preview 05:21

In this lecture we will go over the RAIN Technique for Accepting Emotions which is a four step process that serves as a powerful tool to help us to accept emotions. 

DAY 12: Mindfulness for Anger (and Other Negative Emotions) Preview 08:08

Becoming aware of our emotions is the first step. The next step is to develop the ability to manage them.

Anger is one of most challenging emotion and can be  destructive to our well being, our relationships with others, and even our bodies. Anger builds in intensity the longer we hold onto it, so the key to managing anger is to defuse it before it builds and leads to negative consequences. Often, anger comes on rather quickly due to a trigger and the resulting impulsive response. By practicing mindfulness with your anger, you can learn to lengthen the space between the trigger and the response. In this lecture we will provide tools to be able to shift anger.

Willing Hands Exercise Preview 02:54

When the mind is having a hard time accepting something, emotionally we tend to feel frustration or anger and the body reacts by tensing up. Because of the connection between the physiological reaction in the body and the underlying thoughts and emotions, if we change the state our body is in we can impact the emotion. In this lecture we will provide a simple exercise to help you use your body to change your emotional state.

DAY 13: Intentionally Creating Desired Emotions Preview 12:36

In this lecture we will help you develop the tools to be able to intentionally create a desired emotions.

The Half-Smile Technique Preview 04:34

Now we will take a look at an uplifting mindfulness exercise called the Half Smile Technique. The mind doesn’t know the difference between what we’re thinking and what is happening in real life, and so it responds by creating an emotional response to our thoughts and what are body is telling it. Therefore, we will go over how to use your body to change your emotional state.

The Power of Gratitude Preview 02:56

Gratitude has been shown through research to be a powerful tool to decrees negative emotions such as anxiety and stress among others. We can not be in a state of gratitude and be angry, anxious, or depressed. Therefore, taking the time to focus our attention to what we are grateful for in our life we can shift our state. In this lecture we will go over how to how this powerful tool of gratitude.

MEDITATION: Gratitude Meditation Preview 09:07

In this lecture we will provide you with a powerful  gratitude meditation that you can use to get yourself in a state of gratitude.

DAY 14: Surrender, Acceptance, and Letting Go Preview 07:27

Many people have a negative association with the word surrender because they think it means that they are giving up, giving in, or waving a white flag. Surrender does not mean to give up, it means to accept what IS. Surrendering is an essential tool in mindfulness.  In this lecture we will go over what surrender is and how to be able to get to a place of acceptance in your life.

MEDITATION: Release/Surrender Meditation Preview 12:16

In this mindfulness mediation you will pick something that in your life that you feel resistance about. This may be something that you wish you could change but you cannot. Something you are having a hard time accepting. Or even something from your past that is negatively impacting your life. Then we will walk you to a mediation to release it.

DAY 15: Everything We Experience is Internal Preview 06:59

Human experience exists 100% internally. Everything you have experienced has happened inside of you, including your thoughts, emotions, and your senses of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.  In this lecture we will go over our internal experience.

MEDITATION: Self-Inquiry Meditation Preview 08:53

Self-realization first begins by realizing what we are not our thoughts. Self-awareness is what gives us the ability to consciously respond to our environment, deliberately create our thoughts and emotions, and relate to and understand other people. In this lecture we will explore Who am I through a self-inquiry meditation.

DAY 16: Self-Compassion Exercise Preview 02:55

Many people find it easy to have compassion for others. They recognize others struggles, honor their needs, understand their concerns, and wish them well. But when it comes to how they view and treat themselves when they are experiencing similar life challenges, they do not extend that same kindness. It is common for people to judge themselves harshly, put undue pressure on themselves, and negate their own needs.  In this lecture you will learn how to practice self-compassion so that you can improve your well-being, confidence, and resilience.

MEDITATION: The Mindfulness Mountain Preview 05:22

Like the mountain, your life will present an ever-changing experience at the surface and you will experience varying degrees of darkness, light, activity, and stillness.  This lecture and mindfulness meditation will help you remember that at your core the truth of who you are remains strong and patient, allowing everything that passes to be as it is as you enjoy the variety and colors of life with composure and compassionate clarity.

DAY 17: The Importance of Choosing Inputs Preview 06:59

We are social creatures by nature, which makes us heavily influenced by others. We have a natural drive to belong, meaning we will conform to those we deem important. We also are social learners, so we will pick up the habits and behaviors of others.  In this lecture we will go over how to choose inputs based on the life or experience that you are trying to create.

DAY 18: Being Present with Others Preview 11:58

When you say, “how’s it going?” to coworkers, store clerks, or even family, do you ever really stop to listen to the answer? 

Be honest with yourself and consider, how often do you give another person your undivided attention?

It’s important to practice being present with other people. When you’re not present with them—when you are with them in the same room or even right next to them but your mind is elsewhere, you both miss out on the opportunity to truly connect, and you make the other person feel like they aren’t valued.

All everyone wants is to be seen and heard.

In this lecture we will go over how to be present with others.

Mindfulness Arrivals Preview 03:52

Whether you’re arriving at work or arriving at home, do so mindfully. In this lecture we will go over how to practice mindfulness in your arrivals.

DAY 19: Random Acts of Kindness Preview 03:47

Love and kindness are ways of expressing one’s mindfulness to others. They are also wonderful states to experience during mindfulness meditation. One way to practice mindfulness with others is to offer acts of kindness. However, you can also give yourself and others the gift of loving-kindness through meditation itself, by feeling the emotions and sending the loving energy to others. In this lecture we will first look at acts of kindness and how to practice active mindfulness. Then you will find a loving-kindness meditations in the next lecture.

MEDITATION: Loving Kindness Meditation Preview 11:18

Loving kindness is a natural opening of a compassionate heart to ourselves and to others. In this exercises you will  begin with  developing loving kindness toward ourselves and allowing our hearts to open with tenderness. We will then spread that love and kindness to others.

DAY 20: Developing a Mindfulness Routine Preview 06:21

In this lecture we will go over a template that your client can use to have a daily mindfulness routine.

Mindfulness Morning Routine Preview 08:59

In this lecture we will give you tips  to help your clients create a mindfulness mourning routine so that they can start their day mindfully, in a great place, and inspired to make it be an amazing day by being centered and present. 

Mindfulness Bedtime Routine Preview 07:26

In this lecture we will give you tips that you can use with your clients so that they can create a mindfulness bedtime routine so that they  can end the day mindfully, sleep better,  and be prepared for their next day.

DAY 21: Creating a Formal Meditation Practice Preview 09:27

One of the most of the most important things that you can for your clients moving forward is to help them create a formal mindful mediation practice. In this video we will go over how to create that formal mindfulness meditation practice so that it can become part of their unconscious daily actions.

COACH: Using Mindfulness and Meditation in Groups Preview 02:09

In this sections you will explore additional tools and tips for using mindfulness in group coaching programs or workshops.

COACH: Group Mindful Listening Preview 02:40

Practicing listening in a group is a great way to develop mindfulness.

COACH: Two Truths and a Lie Activity Preview 03:23

This exercise not only is a great mindfulness practice, it's also a fun way to get to know each other.

COACH: Group Observational Walk Preview 03:13

Doing mindful walking in a group is a great way to practice mindfulness and also explore the differences in each person's experience and perceptions.

Congratulations and Next Steps Preview 02:26

Congratulations you completed the mindfulness Life Coach Certification. Thank you for your commitment to your growth and the growth of those that you serve. Now its about making it a lifestyle. In this video we will go over your next steps and how to create it a lifestyle for your clients.

FREE Copy of the 21 Day Mindfulness & Meditation Challenge EBOOK Preview 00:04

How to Request Your Official Life Coach Certification Preview 00:41

Instructions for receiving your accredited life coach certification and optional CPD or CEU credits.

BONUS: Additional Life Coaching Tools You Don't Want to Miss Preview 05:51